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  • Chemical looping test bench
    Chemical looping test bench
  • Process schematic
    Process schematic

Micro-reactor test bench for chemical looping cycles

Experimental set-up designed to test powder/pellet materials in micro-reactor for the elaboration of kinetic studies on the thermochemical reduction of CO2 and H2O through the analysis of reaction products. The bench allows to perform user-customized fully automatic redox cycles with imposed gas mixtures and controlled humidity in a wide range of temperatures (up to 1800 °C).

Test bench for CO2 hydrogenation to fuels

Test bench for thermochemical CO₂ hydrogenation to fuels

The Microactivity Effi reactor system is a modular laboratory system for measurement of catalytic activity and for the study of the yield, kinetics and stability of different catalytic reaction systems. It has a broad range of operative conditions, being able to perform redox cycles from ambient conditions up to 800 oC and 40 bar. It is equipped with cutting-edge process control technology that enables to program a series of experiments from the computer, even on the network, and obtain real-time results with a high degree of reproducibility and accuracy.

Microactivity Effi