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Multi-Energy Systems Analysis

The Multi-Energy Systems Analysis (MESA) laboratory combines hardware and software tools for co-simulating energy systems to evaluate quantitative energy transition scenarios on different time and space scales.

The laboratory combines both the operational aspects, up to the real-time scale, of the multi-vector and multi-technological energy systems and those of planning new investments in the energy sector (including production, storage and distribution).

Laboratories within the infrastructure

Multi-energy system co-simulation facility

The multi-energy system simulation facility will provide a tool to test operational and planning scenarios about smart energy systems, districts and communities. The platform will integrate several simulation models and will solve them in run-time.

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Figure 2

Real-time (RT) simulation lab

The laboratory has a computing center for real-time co-simulation with a dedicated computational cluster and a decision theater for the visualization and interaction with stakeholders or final decision makers about the different planning scenarios or operational assets of the modeled energy system. The RT lab supports hardware-in-the-loop functions.

Figure 1


CLASS Lab - Environment Park, Via Livorno 60, Turin, Italy