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RES (concentrated solar power, wind, geothermal)

The CO₂ circle lab. among the other facilities, offers the possibility to investigate the CO₂ conversion chain in terms of sustainability. Solar, wind and geothermal sources are considered to feed such chain, while final products are then integrated into real sectors.

Laboratories within the infrastructure

Concentrated solar power test bench

Concentrated solar power is used for chemical looping purposes with MeOX, but also for energy production using Thermodynamic Cycles, Stirling engines, etc.

Experimentation on the synthetic gas production through a Concentrates Solar dish. The operating variables are listed below:

  • Metal oxides materials, porosity, composition, 
  • Volumetric flow for the inert gas (for the thermal reduction test)
  • Volumetric flow for methane (for the methane reduction test)
  • Solar tracking system
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Figure 2
Figure 3

Wind test bench

Test bench connected as Hardware in the loop in the platform, with vertical and horizontal turbines also considering a PTO test bench to test up to 50 kW generators.

Figure 1

Geothermal test bench

The geothermal test bench focuses on earth-contact walls of buildings used as heat exchangers for heating and cooling purposes. The exchanger is made up of three modules that can be deployed in different ways. The installation is equipped with an heat pump, a puffer and the simulated heat load (fan coil). 

Testing involves thermal performances of the system as well as the structural, thermal and hygrometric effects on the wall and the surrounding ground thanks to a wide monitoring system.

Figure 1
Figure 2


CLASS Lab - Environment Park, Via Livorno 60, Turin, Italy