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The BioEnergy macro-area of the CO₂ Circle Lab, counts on pre-treatment, purification and fermentation pilot plants, that can be used alone or in series, in function of the objectives and needs (extraction of high added value compounds, biogas and/or bioH₂ production, valorisation of an organic by-product, …). Moreover, an outdoor photobioreactor allow to perform tests on cultivation and enhancement of microalgae. 

Laboratories within the infrastructure

Organic matrices pre-treatment pilot plants

Organic matrices pretreatment through Steam explosion, chemical hydrolysis and enzymatic hydrolysis. The three processes can be performed singularly or successively, in function of the objectives of the pretreatment and the kind of matrix. Main characteristics of the plants:

  • Steam explosion: reactor of 22 l going up to 26 bars and 227 °C
  • Chemical and enzymatic hydrolysis: reactors of 115 l
Figure 1

Fermentation pilot plants

Mono and bi-stages anaerobic fermentation facilities of different sizes: 5 l, 35 l and 250 l, to design, test and scale up anaerobic fermentation processes of different kind of organic matrices recipes and with gas counter and analyzer.

Figure 1

Separation facilities

A centrifugation and membranes filtration plants allow to separate different kind of substances, phases and particles as a possibility to extract high added value compounds from previous treatment or to eliminate substances from a flux to purified.

Figure 1
Figure 2

Outdoor photobioreactor

Tubular helicoidal outdoor reactor, working without artificial illumination and with a system for oxygen removal, allowing to perform tests on cultivation and enhancement of microalgae.

Figure 1


CLASS Lab - Environment Park, Via Livorno 60, Turin, Italy