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Bioconversion of C1 gas streams into commodities

  • Multi-cultivator photobioreactor

    MC 1000-OD
    • 8 test-tubes each holding up to ca. 85 ml of cultivated suspension and immersed in a thermostated waterbath
    • Illumination supplied by an array of cool white LEDs generating incident irradiance up to 1,000 µmol(photon)/m2.s (optionally up to 2,500 µmol(photon)/m2.s)
    • Illumination Independently adjustable for each test-tube in intensity, timing and modulation.
    • Simultaneous testing of eight different medium compositions
  • Photobioreactors

    FMT 150
    • Flat cultivation vessel
    • Bi-color LED panel
    • Highly precise control of cultivation conditions (temperature, PSII fluorescence O2 dissolved in the medium, optical density, CO2 consumption)
    • Turbidostat cultivation strategy (preset OD)
    • Online software control
  • Gas chromatograph

    Agilent 490 Micro GC
    • Benchtop and portable GC system
    • Two analytical GC channels
    • OpenLab Intelligent reporting provides custom reporting and calculation

    Provider: Provider: Agilent

  • HPLC system

    UltiMate 3000 SD HPLC
    • Equipped with autosampler
    • Customizeble
    • UltiMate 3000 VWD-3100 Variable Wavelength Detector
    • RefarctoMax 521 Refractive Index Detector

    Provider: ThermoFisher Scientific

  • Gassing station

    This gassing station allows to define the C1 gas-based growth substrates for autotrophic microorganisms. A key feature in our processes is indeed the composition of the gas mix which should be optimally suited to cell growth.

    • Gas supply: nitrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen
    • Maximal pressure (inlet): 5 bar
    • Minimal pressure (outlet): 1 bar
    • N. reactor units: up to 10
    • Temperature: -15 C + 50 C
  • Anaerobic workstation

    Whitley A85

    Whitley A85 anaerobic workstation running from separate cylinders of nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide to easily process, incubate, manipulate and examine samples without exposure to atmospheric oxygen

Automated reactor system

This fermenter system allows to validate selected microorganisms under process-relevant conditions and, combined with analytics instruments, to extract high-confidence titer, productivity and yield data. We can thus reduce the time and risks associated with process development and scale-up.

  • High pressure fermentation system
  • AutoMate architecture for parallel applications
  • Three independently adjustabe fermenters in gas mixture, fliow rate and timing.
  • Variable working volume from 150 to 400 ml
  • Configurable and automated on-the-fly to peform gas fermentation
  • Gas supplied: nitrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxie, hydrogen
  • Agitation speed: 20 to 1200 RPM
  • On-line software control

Provider: HEL Limited

Automated reactor system

General microbiology lab equipment such as biological safety cabinet, chemical hood, microbiologiacl incubators, environmetal chamber, shakers, hotplates, stirrers, baths.

  • CFX Connect Real-Time PCR detection system
  • C1000 Touch Thermal Cycler